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As we grow and develop, these worldviews inform how we live, what gives us purpose, what we value, how we understand reality and our place in it. Many factors shape our worldview. Many, however, have a worldview that is seen through a lens of limitation, lack, isolation, and fear instead of a lens that moves them toward expansiveness, inclusiveness, wholeness, connection, and compassion. The ‘awaken u.’ Transformative Learning Series was created in direct response to the magnitude of this paradox and is presented through the Awaken Cinema Circle Meet-up Film Screening Events, Shift Happens Workshop Series and the “Reel to Real “view and do” Screening Events.

“I have developed a process that is designed to help you look at yourself through the lens of consciousness. In other words, what are your emotional, psychological and spiritual beliefs, your perceptions, values, stereotypes, your assumptions and your worldview about yourself and others? And what can you learn from that lens?” Says Donald Gordon Carty, facilitator and creator of the Series. “As an individual, you already have access to many of the resources harvested from your unique life experiences. What you don’t often have is an insight into the messages you’re giving yourself because more often than not, this self-talk is a product of your subconscious mind. Additionally, you don’t often have the insights of others who’ve experienced challenges either similar or different to your own.”

By using everyday situations and guiding you through thought experiments and exercises, these sessions are filled with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring messages, film and visual aids. Donald does an excellent job of peeling back the layers and revealing the disconnects in much of our thinking, beliefs, desires, and choices–contradictory beliefs held at the same time with no apparent awareness. Once you have seen your own mind with the filtered lenses removed, it is impossible to remain the same. That is why so many have praised his work as being absolutely life-changing–not just an event–but a transformational experience!

Come join me your host Donald Gordon Carty, and others of like mind, at a local meet-up.and be inspired. Tap into your heart, where people like you gather to explore, laugh, and cry as we watch in awe and with wonder mind-stretching films followed by Q&A and discussion in Barrie ON. Together, let’s create wo/mankinds greatest leap to awakened consciousness – through cinema.

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