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Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "it is time we had uncommon schools, that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women."

awaken u Masterclass

The awaken u Masterclass is an eight-week long transformational learning event that is designed to immerse you in an ecosystem of workshops, talks, seminars, an interplay of activities that includes listening to one's inner wisdom and guidance, integrating inspirational ideas and best practices, sharing in intimate conversation circles, harvesting the collective wisdom of the group and through uplifting, inspirational and sometimes spiritually challenging films. Plus amazing opportunities to network with a community of like-minded individuals.

You will learn from world class teachers in personal and business growth to take you to the next level!

Donald Carty has something to be very proud of achieving. He was meant to do this work! Oh yes - his planning and pre-planning were well thought through. His people skills are remarkably considerate and kind - to a degree of selflessness. Just a wonderful person, inside and out. Self transformation happens immediately with a class like this, and an instructor like Donald. There is just no denying the feelings that happen within one's self. I would (if I could) recommend this masterclass to be held as part of all High Schools Curriculum, Pre-marital Planning, Workplace Seminars and all Human Relation planning. It truly is THAT powerful. Marianne M.

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About Donald Carty

Donald Carty Wake Up Call

Are you ready for the possibility of something truly amazing happening for you?

Maybe you already know Donald Carty through his Success Live Podcast, Harmony at Home TV program, or his articles, books and interviews on radio and television, but if this is the first time you’re hearing his name, he’s an internationally renowned transformative coach and author with a best-selling book to his name.

He has also spent over 40 years as a coach, adviser, mentor, and creative spark to small business owners, CEOs, community leaders, and people around the world who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. And now he’s sharing his remarkable insights into the nature, the art and the science of change with you.

Through his work, Donald introduces and demonstrates the idea of how even one new insight can release you from old thought patterns, no matter how long you’ve had them or how deeply embedded you think they are.

Be prepared to have your beliefs challenged in a single moment of insight as you realize change happens every day.

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Speaking Engagements

inspirational speaking

“When you try to bring about change with an effort of will power alone you do harm to yourself,” says Carty. Odds are you will not succeed and if you do succeed you will probably pay a price that you are not happy paying. When people go through my “awaken” programs they do find that behaviour change happens, and this lasts, because it does not happen as an effort of will power alone”, “I have developed a process by which you examine what your mental models are and as you do that you change how you look at the world, as you change how you look at the world, you literally become a different person, as you become a different person behavior change is a natural bi-product.”


awaken Cinema circle

awaken events
One of the most difficult turning points in life is New Years day and your birthday and during the start of the New Year most people make resolutions about lifestyle changes. How many of us have said something like ‘from now on things are going to be different, I am going to stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend more time with family and friends, quit drinking, enjoy life more, help others, or get out of debt?’ Yet, still filled with good intentions, before January’s end these resolutions either fail or falter. Explore!
By using everyday situations and guiding you through thought experiments and exercises, this session is filled with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring messages, and visual aids. Donald does an excellent job of peeling back the layers and revealing the disconnects in much of our thinking, beliefs, desires, and choices--contradictory beliefs held at the same time with no apparent awareness. Once you have seen your own mind with the filtered lenses removed, it is impossible to remain the same. That is why so many have praised his work as being absolutely life-changing--not just an event--but a transformational experience! Explore!
Meetup with locals area residents who are interested in studying and practicing the science and ideolgy of The Law of Attraction. The "Awaken" discussions will be focused around the Law of Attraction, and will dare the participants to envision, believe and create a new view of themselves and the world around them. Presented through discussion forums focused on blockbuster independent films like The Secret, What the Bleep, One.. the Movie, You Can Heal Your Life and and many more, awaken predicts, the sleeper must awaken. Explore!

Life/Career Coaching

life coaching

Do you ever feel like you're living in a constantly changing world without an instruction manual? You actually know more about life than you may think. Just as a caterpillar instinctively knows how to become a butterfly, we humans have much knowledge about our own personal transformation process. The difference is that we have the free will to make choices which a caterpillar never has to face. The multitude of choices which we face on a daily basis can become overwhelming.

Mary M.


"AMAZING!! I see the world differently after having worked with Donald Carty!

Hope, clarity and peace are now mine, and I feel unstoppable thanks to him! During our “walk” together, Donald gave so unselfishly of his time, wisdom and talents. He truly cares about helping people and making the world a better place. I highly recommend his services and the awaken Cinema circle to anyone with the desire to better themselves.

Thank you Donald, from the bottom of my heart!"

Errol E.


"I am grateful for the synchronicity that brought us together. My search to redefine myself led me to many and finally to you. It was inexplicable, but I knew the student was ready and the teacher appeared. I had six sessions of coaching that literally blew my mind. My previous self was anxious, agitated and angry owing to my inability to get my spinning wheels to grip and propel me forward to the life I wish for myself. In just six sessions with you I am now calm, fearless and affable. I look to the future no longer with foreboding but with self-assurance, knowing that I am on the path to the success I deserve. I have found myself to be a much more positive person, more confident, and I know I can achieve anything because you have instilled in me that I have everything I need to succeed within me."

Jacquelin G.


"Overall, I have to acknowledge, 'Awaken' has deeply impacted the way in which I see others and the way in which I see myself. Most of all I feel more connected because I now can let go of things that have no place in my future happiness. I thank you, Donald and "Awaken" for playing that special role in my life and for helping me to see I am capable of changing 'that which I fear most'".

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